Anthony Walker

Owner/Manager, Bank of Queensland (Penrith, NSW)

I asked John to work with me over a 3 month period, in relation to some business and family issues.

I found John’s assistance exemplary.

John is a lantern of clarity and action. He was able to cut through, when I could not.

Keith Borg

Partner, Halfords IP, Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys

John Drury for Summit Leadership Solutions facilitated a 3 day workshop for the PSI Management team in March 2011.

The workshop included one day of structured team building and organizational strengthening and two days, building on the work of the first day, reviewing the organizations core values and strategic directions. This culminated in the development of a revised document reflecting the above.
I can highly recommend John’s approach, style, process and the outcomes we achieved.
The managers all enjoyed the experience and found it highly valuable.

From an organizational and value for money perspective the investment we made in John’s services will I am sure serve us for years to come, and we look forward to working with him in the future .

Kari I'Anson

Executive Officer, Peppercorn Services Inc (Windsor, NSW)

I have benefited greatly from my coaching sessions withJohn Drury both professionally and personally. He has helped improve my effectiveness as a manager by identifying areas for greater focus and solutions for overcoming what at times previously felt like impossible demands on my time and energy. With John’s fantastic encouragement and astute insight, I feel far better equipped to deal with the daily challenges of my increased responsibilities at work. I can thoroughly recommend John as a coach who will reinvigorate your approach to many things in your life, whether that be at work or at home.

Troy Craig

Managing Director, Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels (Sydney)

My sessions with John Drury have been very valuable. It was great to have a fresh perspective on my business and insight into other ways I might achieve my goals. It was also very helpful to talk about where my business is at right now and to gain more insight into myself in relation to my business. During the sessions we generated many ideas that I will take into my planning for the future in my business. Thanks John

Matt Saxby

Director, Platinum Security Systems (Emu Plains, NSW)

I asked John Drury to work with me over 6 months ago and in that time we have identified areas that I need to work on in order to achieve my next major goal of opening another branch of my business. Empowering my team has been the specific area so far and it is still a work in progress.

I have asked John to help set goals for me to achieve (tick off) before our next meeting and this works well for me (most of the time) as it sets a timeframe and an accountability. The accountability to John is a constant reminder each time I feel myself falling back into the “old ways” of micro-managing.
We still have a way to go but we have a plan and have set some specific and reachable goals in order to achieve this.

I would highly recommend John’s services to anyone who wants help in finding a pathway to the next level of their business.

Aaron Tyers

Owner, Print Creative Solutions (Penrith, NSW)

Thank you for coaching me over the past 3 months. I believe the strategies and tools you have given me so far have helped me gain an insight and clarity both on a personal and business level.
You have done this by;
Making me set realistic goals on a personal and business level
Keeping me accountable to my goals and decisions
Helping me clarify the wants, needs and direction of my life and prioritise these
Help me recognise negative or limiting beliefs – excuses
I like having you available over the phone and via email to discuss anything that comes up between meetings or to keep me on track.
I look forward to the future and seeing how this venture has an effect on my personal life and career

Jo Nadin

Personal Trainer/Business Owner, Step Into Life (Penrith, NSW)

From the first session of working with John I knew that I was in for a challenging and hopefully rewarding time to come. I worked with John over a period of a year and through his guidance and insights he helped me immensely to gain clarity about where I wanted to be, where I needed to focus my energy and importantly, what I needed to let go of. With this anchor firmly in place, John moved on from the ‘headspace’ work and down to the nitty gritty of defining and then holding me accountable to taking action to get me closer to where I wanted to be – I can’t highlight how important this is to achieve real outcomes, which is exactly what happened as a result! I highly recommend John to anyone who is seeking to achieve more in any aspect of life, whether that be career, wealth, health and wellbeing or relationships.

Linda Miller

CEO, Corporate Eyes

John Drury facilitated a workshop focusing on work-life integration at our business group’s  annual retreat in August 2017. The topic was of real interest to our members as they planned their personal objectives for the coming year.

John ‘s central premise (that work-life balance is a myth) really resonated. He shared his thoughts on the subject and took us through interactive exercises to prompt deeper reflection about healthier ways to integrate work into our lives. Our dialogue with him and subsequent internal discussions were very beneficial in promoting more meaningful goal setting.

I can heartily recommend John as a speaker or workshop leader for any business setting. He relates well to his audience delivering a message that is clear and relevant to busy people doing business in the 21st Century marketplace.

David Simpson FAICD

CEO, Edge Business Group

John has spoken at multiple events of mine and has always added exceptional value to the audience.

With an easy-going style combined with expert knowledge on behavioural profiling tools and ways of getting the best out of yourself, he was always well received by my clients.

I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone.

Nicola Moras

Online Business Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Author and Serial Entrepreneur,

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