John’s keynote speaker topics



Increasing Capacity

– it’s within your power!

Key focus: How busy people can increase their capacity by learning a fresh approach to self-leadership

Work-Life Integration


Key focus: A ‘whole of life’ approach that enables busy high achievers to pursue their business goals AND build a great lifestyle

The 3 'Faces' of Leadership

Self-Leadership | People (team) Leadership | Next-Generation Leadership

Key focus: Understand all 3 Faces and the related skills, and your organisation will always have effective leadership

John has spoken at multiple events of mine and has always added exceptional value to the audience.

With an easy-going style combined with expert knowledge on behavioural profiling tools and ways of getting the best out of yourself, he was always well received by my clients.

I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone.

Nicola Moras

Online Business Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Author and Serial Entrepreneur,

“John Drury has been known to the Condon Associates Group for some considerable time and is a warmly welcomed and respected presenter in Leadership at a variety of our educational forums, seminars and business groups.   John is a true specialist in the field of Self-Leadership, which today is a key factor for the success of most, if not all, professionals and business people working in the modern business and economic space.

John is engaging, detailed and precise in his presentation, yet it is communicated in a manner that it can be clearly understood by a wide ranging audience.  Such attributes are key to the types of audience we attract as we continue to seek to preserve and build value in damaged businesses.

I truly value the ability to retain John as one of our valued presenters and specialists.”

February 2016

Schon G Condon

Managing Principal, Condon Associates Group

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