Is there a best time in the life-cycle of a business to invest in a business coach?

When to hire a business coach is a bit like answering the question, “Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?”

Do you wait until you are organised and feel like you have time and can afford a good coach? Or do you invest now with the intent of creating momentum for growth in your business? A good business coach will help you secure a strong return on your investment over a 6 – 12 month period.

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How to avoid a disaster on your next project

I often find business people often need help getting what is in their heads onto paper or some other visual format. If it is whirring around in your brain it is difficult to communicate with others and the overall picture is difficult to break down into its various parts. It becomes difficult to know what to do next. The following 7 steps is a guideline for avoiding disaster with small or larger projects.

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“Your business has potential!” What a horrible thing to say!

Potential sounds full of optimism, and it is… at first. However, the longer you sit with potential the worse it is. E.g. A brand new business launched into the right market on the back of a good idea and a sound plan, has exciting potential. A 10 year old business which has not grown much for the past 4 years may still have some potential but it is definitely no longer exciting. There are problems that need addressing.

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How to avoid the people problems that will stop your small business growing

You start out with a skill and a business idea. You make some plans and find some resources to get started. If you start to help people your business will grow to the point where you need to add people. Every person you add multiplies the potential for people problems. You have to trust other people with aspects of running your business. The challenge is made greater because in the early stages you as business owner are still hands on working in the business. And, managing people is probably something you have never been trained to do.

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How to lead an engaging team discussion where everyone leans in and no-one falls asleep

In a business near you. It is Friday morning. Everyone is required to arrive early and be ready to listen to the boss talk for 25 minutes about matters they think important. Usually how the team needs to lift their game. Everyone listens but no-one leaves inspired. The boss speaks. People listen but rarely ask questions. And if there is team discussion it is rarely useful. No-one comes prepared with ideas. It is a time that is endured which adds little to the health or success of the business.

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Business Owners – Afraid You Have Signed Up for a 60 Hour a Week Job?

Business owners are among the most motivated and hardest working people on the planet. They have invested their money and often mortgaged their house to buy or launch a business. Usually the motivation is linked to having new levels of freedom, flexibility and fulfillment which they have not had working for a boss. Most business owners are happy to work extra hours in the first couple of years in the belief that over time the new business will open up a better lifestyle for their family.

However, the reality is often quite different.

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