Why you need a sense of progress in your life each day

Why you need a sense of progress in your life each day Welcome to 2018. Some may still be enjoying a break from work. Others, like me, are back at work after a few weeks off. Over the past week I have taken some time to reflect, review and reset. I have reflected on...

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How To Build Your Resilience

First published MUSE Magazine in November 2017 – Bounceback Notification. Setting and aspiring to goals is a hallmark of becoming your best, but how you bounce back from challenging times determines whether you arrive at your destination.

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The reason you are too busy is not poor time management

“Maybe I just need to do a course to improve my poor time management”, says the small business owner reflecting on their habit of working back late most evenings after their staff have gone home. Their statement came after they could not give me a reasonable account of what they had achieved during their very busy day. They just knew they had been running from morning til night responding to demands from a whole range of sources. Each day the time passes so quickly and they never feel as though they get on top of their to do list. In fact it feels like things are spinning more out of control.

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Business Owner – which of these 5 ‘time bandits’ is stealing time from your busy day?

We are all being robbed every day!! If it was actual dollars going out the door we would be calling the police to investigate these time bandits who are stealing one of our most valuable commodities. I’m speaking about busy business owners who pride themselves on working hard. Many business owners can easily see where their employees are wasting time. Surveys indicate that 89% of salary/wage earners are aware they waste between 30 mins and 4-5 hours per day. And yet from my observations and experience working with business owners they are perhaps even more likely than their staff to have their valuable time stolen each and every day.

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