Business Owner – which of these 5 ‘time bandits’ is stealing time from your busy day?

We are all being robbed every day!! If it was actual dollars going out the door we would be calling the police to investigate these time bandits who are stealing one of our most valuable commodities. I’m speaking about busy business owners who pride themselves on working hard. Many business owners can easily see where their employees are wasting time. Surveys indicate that 89% of salary/wage earners are aware they waste between 30 mins and 4-5 hours per day. And yet from my observations and experience working with business owners they are perhaps even more likely than their staff to have their valuable time stolen each and every day.

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Podcast Interview with David Lewis of The Mentor List

I recently completed a podcast interview with David Lewis from The Mentor List.  The Mentor List is the brain child of David Lewis, an Australian business professional whose passion lies in personal development and transforming both corporations and individuals. David...

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Is there a best time in the life-cycle of a business to invest in a business coach?

When to hire a business coach is a bit like answering the question, “Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?”

Do you wait until you are organised and feel like you have time and can afford a good coach? Or do you invest now with the intent of creating momentum for growth in your business? A good business coach will help you secure a strong return on your investment over a 6 – 12 month period.

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How to avoid a disaster on your next project

I often find business people often need help getting what is in their heads onto paper or some other visual format. If it is whirring around in your brain it is difficult to communicate with others and the overall picture is difficult to break down into its various parts. It becomes difficult to know what to do next. The following 7 steps is a guideline for avoiding disaster with small or larger projects.

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