Just like weeds grow easily in any garden, without any need for cultivation, so the issues that lead to self-sabotage grow, flourish and can completely take over when left unattended. So, what are you doing to counter these tendencies?

Self-sabotage strategies range from procrastinating, self-medicating with one drug or another, finding solace in comfort foods instead of exercise, unhealthy habits, poor self-management and a range of other conscious and unconscious destructive behaviours.

Causes of self-sabotage for leaders and high achievers:

  • Fear of Success – our often complicated relationship with success can provide a self-justifying rationale for self-sabotage strategies. Deep down inside us there seems to lurk a fear of success that can raise its head when we start to get anywhere near the fulfillment of big dreams.
  • The unseen internal pressures of success – minor character flaws can become larger issues. Success feels better but is much harder to manage than failure.
  • Lack of healthy self-respect – this is usually the root cause of self-sabotage strategies being allowed to run within a leader. Self-respect has to be undermined for self-sabotage to occur; and that can only happen with your permission and cooperation. It is a bit like attitude – you control your attitude. Self-respect is your view of yourself from the inside. Self-respect is undermined by: our inability to process failure, disappointment and betrayal; negative self-talk; compromising our values; inability to deal with guilt and shame; bitterness and falling into a victim mindset.

How to minimise your risk of self-sabotage

  1. Make sure you have a trusted friend or two that you allow in; so they really do get to know you.
  2. Learn and apply the disciplines of self-leadership in your life.

Self-leadership involves:

  1. Building healthy self-respect – when you respect yourself you live from values, conviction and purpose.
  2. Implementing effective self-care strategies – enables you to always have energy when required. Self-sabotage is linked to emotionally health.
  3. Applying the disciplines of efficient self-management – makes life and work sustainable

What would you say  is your current risk level?