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Busy executives aged 35 to 50 often struggle to manage the overwhelming pressures on time, money and emotions which flow from work AND home life.

The old concept of work-life balance is a myth. The passion to succeed and a 24/7 Smart phone dominated life makes the concept of balance unhelpful and unworkable.

A 21st Century approach is needed!


For conferences and industry events, John’s fresh approach to the topics of ‘self-leadership’, ‘increasing capacity’ and ‘work-life integration’ are guaranteed to be relevant to everyone.

Industry specifics vary, but people do not.

Everyone in every industry needs to learn to take responsibility for their own self-leadership!


Business Coach – John’s book, ‘INTEGRATE’ challenges busy people to rethink their approach to life and work. Balance is not the answer.

Work-life INTEGRATION is the only way forward in a 24/7 marketplace.

This book enables high achievers to see how they can pursue their goals and build a great lifestyle while they do it!

John spoke to David Lewis from The Mentor List about his painful personal journey to lead him to where he is today, and how you can make changes in your life to lead the life you want.

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